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Eligibility For Admission

International Dalton Language Studio welcomes students from different ethnic groups, backgrounds and beliefs. All students for admission will be treated equally. All students attending Dalton Language Studio will be expected and required to attend all lessons without exception.

International Students based overseas

Age: full 18 years +

International students under the age of 18 who come for long-term programs (1 month +) must apply for the residency permit and to do this should be accompanied by their parents. This may vary depending on the country of origin.

Young adults and adults coming for the short-term summer programs (2 weeks)

Age: 12-17

Group reservations only;

Minimum 15 people in a group;

Groups can have their own group leader or request a group leader from Dalton Language Studio

For groups coming from overseas countries please check visa requirements.


Check the visa regulations for your country in advance – click here

If your country is eligible for Turkish e-visa click here – click here

If your country is not eligible for the Turkish e-visa check the visa requirements with the closest Turkish Consular department in your country.


Procedure For Admissions

Step 1: Initial Enquiry – can be submitted by e-mail or by filling in a Contact Form on Dalton Language Studio web site.

Step 2: Application – after all information regarding the desired program or course has been discussed and agreed upon with the student, you will have to complete Student Information Form. It is important to give all required information and include as many details as possible. Student Information Form will be e-mailed to you.

Step 3: Admission Fee – admission fee must be paid to confirm the application process.

Step 4: Confirmation – you get the confirmation of the booked course and payment with further details specifying your chosen program, its details, start and finish dates, type of accommodation.