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What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an English language proficiency test for study, work and migration. You can choose to take your IELTS test either on paper or computer, depending on your convenience. There is no difference in the content, format or level of difficulty between the two options. There are also 2 different types of the exam: academic and general. IELTS is jointly owned by British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English.


IELTS is an English language exam that is required to be taken by international candidates considering studying or working in a country where English is the main language of communication. Most popular countries where IELTS is accepted for university admissions are the UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada. 

TOEFL preparation procedure:

For students who have reached B2 level:

  • Aim to get a score between 4.5-5.5  : 52 hours TOEFL techniques + 2 Mock exams( total of 8 hours) 
  • Aim to get a score between 5.5-6.5  : 52 hours TOEFL techniques + 2 Mock exams( total of 8 hours) 
  • Aim to get a score above 6.5  : 52 hours TOEFL techniques + 2 Mock exams( total of 8 hours) 

Our seasoned instructors with more than a decade experience in teaching international exams will determine your estimated score after taking the mock exams before you enroll for real exam. 

Your IELTS preparation course includes: 

  • Tuition: 60 hours program including technique training and 2 mock exams
  • Daily programme: will be arranged based on the student’s exam deadline and capabilities
  • Classes with certified and qualified instructors
  • Lunch at school
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free material

Required age: minimum of 18

        Note: the certificate only shows the completion of an IELTS exam preparation course. IELTS exam itself is taken separately through registration on IDP or British Council websites.

Upon completion of the course :

Students who complete IELTS course engage the 4 skills of listening, speaking, writing, and reading as well as graph analysis in advanced academic levels

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